IPAC for Publishers

IPAC is an association of independent companies that work for the book industry. It offers a diverse and comprehensive list of services for publishers, authors, booksellers, agents and many others involved in the book world.

At the heart of IPAC there is an immense amount of digital expertise but it is also multi-disciplined. It offers support across all forms of sales, marketing, publicity, event management, and design, editorial and in particular audio, digital, system, business and content management and development.

IPAC’s objective is to encourage collaboration and promote a greater understanding between members and clients

IPAC for Members

IPAC members support and connect with each other, sharing knowledge and contacts, and recognise that collectively they can be better.

Membership of IPAC is free. Members of IPAC benefit from:

  • Private Slack channel – plan collaborations, perform due diligence on potential clients, share your latest work, ask for recommendations or invite other IPAC members to your events
  • Opportunities to socialise and network with other IPAC members
  • Listing on the IPAC website
  • Access to premium sales and marketing opportunities – such as taking space on our shared stand at the London Book Fair

IPAC Members

Become a member of IPAC

If you work mainly or exclusively with the book publishing trade, you can apply to join. Simply fill in the form and we will be in touch to confirm your membership.

Or, if you’d prefer, just drop an e-mail to Simon Appleby –

Send IPAC a brief

IPAC members can combine to deliver their services together. Based on your specific criteria, we can select IPAC members whose services can fulfil your needs.

Just drop us a line –

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