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Agile Ideas

We are Agile Ideas.

We are responsible for designing and delivering commercially sustainable prizes and promotions in publishing & the media.

Founded in 2004, we specialise in awards management, with our services covering every aspect of campaign and event delivery, from support securing sponsorship to project managing the ceremony itself.


Arkesis has been providing editorial and digital development and consultancy services to publishers since 2009. With wide experience in many publishing sectors and strong backgrounds in both digital and editorial work, we have substantial expertise in new technology, publishing systems, publishing data, the use (and re-use) of content, and product development.


Bookswarm is the only digital agency dedicated to delivering projects for the world of books. We create wonderful websites for book publishers, agents, bookshops and others.

Circular Software

CircularFLO takes any InDesign or print PDFs and exports to fixed layout EPUB3 and Amazon KF8. Add unique interactivity and totally automatic read aloud text highlighting.

GreenLight goes beyond regular preflighting, combining custom workflow-specific checklists with your required exports. Instantly share settings and checks with every InDesign user, internally or out-of-house, and be certain all files are made the way you want.

MasterPlan takes your print pages online. Work collaboratively and share comments on live InDesign projects then securely publish PDF, EPUB or InDesign books to searchable book content for your website and social media.